John Stuppy

Fund, grow & sell rewarding technology, products & services companies and improve education., Management Consulting

Dr. John Stuppy is CEO of EDUMETRIX. John is a proven education technology products and services business leader. John hits aggressive sales goals; drives both education & financial success; creates & patents intellectual property; secures funding, grows companies fast to market dominance and maximizes their sell/exit price.

John Stuppy's Bio:

Dr. John Stuppy was recently the president of startup which raised over $30 million from Sequoia and other top-tier VC's, grew 22% a month for over 24 months to be the world largest online tutoring company and sold to Pearson for $213 million.   John is CEO of EDUMETRIX where he helps for-profit education companies like raise money, grow quickly, differentiate, build value, dominate their market and exit with the best package.  He’s an education technology inventor with 39 patents who brings education solutions to market with re-engineered ops & business models that drive success.  John has a unique background including advanced degrees in ed policy (Ph.D.), curriculum, teacher education (A.M.) and business management (MBA) and a successful track record in product design, software, computers and enterprise systems.   John is a seasoned, highly respected and successful management consultant with hands-on, bottom line, P&L, product launch, turnaround and ops experience.   In operational roles, John Stuppy hits aggressive revenue & profit goals, creates revolutionary products & services and leads companies to industry dominance. He has driven startups that soared like & industry-dominating companies like Sylvan/Educate.   Dr. Stuppy has been featured on ABC, NBC & CBS news, in the NY Times & Wall Street Journal and is a noted expert on fast growth strategies, company positioning, product vision, branding and differentiation. He earned a B.S. degree in Biological sciences and masters in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education at Stanford University, an MBA in marketing, and a Ph.D. in Education Policy from UCLA.  He is an expert on fast growth strategies, mastery learning & technology-enabled school reform.   John is a: Growth-focused visionary who achieves short & long-term goals Insightful acquisition expert #1 brand-builder Accomplished leader who attracts, develops & retains top quality talent John deftly manages expenses while maximizing sales, holding full P&L responsibility & achieving corporate objectives.   John Stuppy's specialties: Ed-tech leader from startups to public companies Healthcare software Raising capital; architecting exit & selling businesses Diagnostic/prescriptive assessment, student management, professional development Tutoring, test prep & virtual learning Profitable consultative selling & recurring revenues programs Business development, licensing, bundling Re-engineering & process improvement Innovative ways to shorten the sales cycle Balanced Scorecards to hit short & long-term goals Creating lucrative intellectual property e-Commerce/transaction strategies Consumer & institution marketing Securing patents to protect processes   Schedule a call with John:  

John Stuppy's Experience:

  • CEIO (Chief Education Innovation Officer) & investor at CodeREVkids

    Teach coding, STEM with Minecraft Game-based Learning/Teacher PLC. * Developing and delivering game-based learning * Created a professional learning community (PLC) for teaches advancing game-based learning

  • President at

    As President of, Dr. John Stuppy brings over 30 years experience of innovation in education technology, corporate training, post-graduate courses, certificate & degree programs and fast growth strategies which help scale rapidly globally. John is the founder of the respected education, technology, product and services consulting company, EDUMETRIX INC. As an EDUMETRIX expert, John served as president of the Ganesh-backed and founded TutorVistsa raised over $30M in funding from Sequoia and other top VC’s, hit off-the-chart growth of 22% a month for over 24 months and sold to Pearson for $213 million. John is pleased now to bring his skills and experience to – another Ganesh-backed company – as its president, and work with accomplished eLearning experts and former alumni. At, John works with US and India academic institutions – at no upfront cost – to move them into online course and program delivery, and offer these programs to US and emerging market students including India. also markets top-quality, respected certificate and degree programs for our partner universities. John guides the academic and technology teams to identify career boosting courses students need to get ahead; build or convert certificate and degree programs to online; enhance the avagmah technology platform (atp) for optimum learning management, delivery and student collaboration; ensure maximum student engagement, course completion and academic quality and deliver top student & faculty satisfaction. John has developed, managed and rolled out career planning, credential, licensing and certification programs, served on the faculty of the UCLA Advanced Management Program and created & licensed post-graduate certificate program learning materials including video, case study, workshop, online & software simulation curriculum. He earned 39 US and international education technology patents and has held senior operations, technology, sales, marketing and product development roles in world leading education companies.

  • President at

    Grew to 1,200 employees & 500,000 students in 29 countries in two years; sales growth 825% per year. Team raised $30M+ from Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners & Manipal. Landed B2B deals: Virtual & public school tutoring, test-prep, essay grading, interactive content creation/licensing. Served as company spokesperson & national expert on challenges/opportunities for technology-enabled education & reform. Featured/interviewed in Time Magazine, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, NY Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe and on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox News; NBC Today Show; CNN; PBS; BBC. Assembling acquisition portfolio around content, assessment, student management and academic platforms. Pearson acquired for $213 million. Some client and co-worker recommendations: * "John is a 'make it happen' person, a do-er, a no nonsense- let's get it done type of person with all the proven business experience to back it up. " Louise Kumar VP Europe Client Services/Outsourcing Services/BPO/KPO/Global Delivery * "Dr. John Stuppy is one of the most competent individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with....John is a machine that maximizes the gains for all involved: the organization he represents, its clients and its partners. John is like a wizard of win-win situations." Jarrod Brown, Executive Director, WWICC; Instructor, University of Hawaii * "One of the most knowledgeable people on the education industry I have met. Also very well networked with all the education companies." Arun Kumar, Senior Vice President at Portea Medical

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) at The Princeton Review

    Oversee all technology initiatives; plan, develop & execute strategies and solutions supporting The Princeton Review's continuing role as a leader in the field of education services. o Education technology visionary; guide products & processes to meet education & business goals o Guide development for 3 business units: online student instruction & assessment tools, college admissions application, enrollment services & student marketing support systems; test prep o Oversee creation and enhancement of customer engagement systems for relationship & communication management, marketing, up-sell, cross-sell, increased retention, brand-building

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO) at STI -- Software Technology Inc.

    Raised $12M to acquire leading SIS (student information system) company. Devised strategy that grew revenues 44% and profitability (EBITDA) 80% in first year post acquisition. Drove student gains & built recurring revenues with assessment, professional development, analysis, data mining. Guided sales meetings with district & state-level customers to land large-scale contracts. Completed acquisitions, established assessment division; integrated management teams. Structured HR, operations, financial and accounting processes and systems for maximum growth and profitability. Created cross-company account & project management group; turned around problem accounts.

  • VP Product Development at Educational Testing Service (ETS)

    Manage & lead the identification, prioritization, business case, plan creation and development of education products & services for the global leader ($700,000,000) in educational testing, research & related products -- K-12 assessment, handheld devices for instruction delivery and student interaction, college/graduate entrance and application processing, English language proficiency, professional development and assessment, validity, adult literacy, professional communication skills, on-line writing evaluation, test prep and career planning. Designed enterprise-wide Stage-gate new product development process for 6 business units to move ideas, intellectual capital & capabilities through R&D pipeline to successful launch. Initiated portfolio management system to evaluate & prioritize new investment opportunities to maximize ROI and carry out long-range operating plan. Devised info mining application to leverage product use data & drive consulting services.

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) / VP Education Technology at Sylvan Learning Systems Inc. / Educate

    Led information & technology group of this multi-unit international educational services company through tripling of revenues to $338,000,000. Full P&L responsibility. Created vision for education services reengineering. Identified products & technology application to meet education & business goals; hired & managed the team that designed, built, rolled-out, & supports these products. Developed design & implementation plan making technology a core competency; Identified strategic acquisition & investment opportunities; established startups; oversaw tactical & strategic information & technology selection & application for $400 million education technology venture investment group. CIO role. Created the first online tutoring system & earned 39 US and international patents; designed education instruction, assessment, analysis & management system which enables teachers to conduct face-to-face quality tutoring with students over the internet. Developed products & systems that doubled revenue & customer retention growth, captured $8 million in annual savings, increased education gains & enrollment rate, ensured operational compliance, and eliminated errors. Identified and led $75M Canter & Associates (professional development & on-line degrees) acquisition; exceeded all revenue & profit goals. Guided product, information & technology strategy and design for Classwell Learning Group; sold for $32,000,000 (two times investment) in just 1 year. Successfully launched diagnostic & prescriptive assessment, student management, parent/CRM reporting, individualized supplemental education delivery, and analysis systems in 900 franchise and corporate centers worldwide. Implemented evaluation & tracking system to monitor business & education results of group's products & services against short- & long-term goals. Directed development of Wall Street Institute English Language Learning novela-style series. Exceeded sales goals for 16 straight quarters. Created an e-Commerce recurring revenues SAAS (software as a service) model that nets over $1M annually.

  • VP Software Publishing & New Product Development at CyCare Systems Inc.

    Reorganized healthcare software division of $90,000,000 NYSE-traded company to produce highest return on investment. Managed P&L, sales, marketing, channel development, operations, R&D, PR, support, finance & product launch. Created $12,000,000 on-line recurring revenues sales program with 60% net profit. Launched employee development program and grew sales 82% through add-ons & up-selling. Developed marketing strategy and increased top producer sales 450% to beat sales targets. Re-packaged & re-priced software; resulted in 80% profit increase & higher customer satisfaction. Established consultative selling program with over 75% close rate on high-ticket software

  • President at Articulate Publications Inc.

    Founded and sold this industry leading healthcare practice management business to a NYSE-traded company. Established company product as premium brand and #1 seller in fast growth market against 600 competitors. Created training program that increased sales 250% and shortened sales cycle 80%. Formed subscription profit center; increased profits 415% through recurring revenues strategy. Landed 6 private-label contracts and created national reseller network. Designed customization and configuration software architecture and API toolkit to support complex data entry validation, screen forms, database access, special reporting and custom apps. Chief architect of benefits eligibility, medical records and electronic billing network. Delivered over 120 keynotes, speeches and seminars to end-user, dealer & trade organizations. Formed profitable seminar and workshop business which awarded CEU continuing education units to healthcare and technology sales and support professionals.

  • VP Sales & Marketing at MicroDaSys (Micro Data Systems)


    EDUMETRIX helps for-profit education products, services and technology companies raise money, grow quickly, build value and dominate to exit. The company creates game-changing, ground-breaking opportunities & drives sales and profitability. EDUMETRIX brings successful, experienced leadership in operations, sales, marketing, product development, business development, channel partnerships, technology, patents, exit planning, research and PR/media expertise that companies need to replicate, scale and dominate their market. When the time is right, John works with you and your management team to position and ready your company to sell for maximum value. Dr. Stuppy also serves as an EXPERT WITNESS (creates expert reports, testifies in depositions and trial, provides background research and opinion RE: patents. Some client recommendations: * "John Stuppy saved our college $30,000 from just one executive briefing and allowed us to immediately reap benefits that would take years to acquire on our own." Michael Mathews, CIO, Oral Roberts University * "We hired John and the EDUMETRIX team as consultants and advisors and within 18 months we successfully sold our company to a highly respected strategic industry leader. John gave us great insight as to how to fine tune and communicate our messaging to maximize our value." Bill Barnett, CEO at * "Topping the list of qualities that make John Stuppy from EDUMETRIX the consummate fund-raising and business selling resource to education entrepreneurs are his deep domain experience, expansive network of professional contacts, and profound understanding of the value drivers in for-profit education." Nicholas R. Green, CIO Ivy Insiders

John Stuppy's Education:

  • University of California, Los Angeles

    Concentration: Education Policy Analysis
    Activities: Education policy, technology, assessment, program design & evaluation, instructional delivery • UCLA Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year ( • Honors Award, Doctoral Comprehensive Qualifying Written Examination
  • Kent College

    Concentration: Marketing
    Activities: High-tech fast growth strategies, marketing, on-line services & e-Commerce
  • University of California, Los Angeles - The Anderson School of Management

    Concentration: XMBA Program - Marketing
    Activities: • Award: Beta Gamma Sigma academic honor’s society
  • USC School of Medicine

    Concentration: Medicine
  • Stanford University

    Concentration: Curriculum Studies & Teacher Education
    Activities: Curriculum; professional development; individualized / mastery learning; instructional supervision; peer tutoring, tutoring. Secondary course concentrations in Electrical Engineering (digital electronics & computer design) and mathematics education
  • Stanford University

    Concentration: Biological Sciences
    Activities: • Designed & built a micro-computer system “from scratch” in my college dorm room in 1976 • Completed pre-med requirements, math education courses and upper-division electrical engineering / computer courses • Designed & built a micro-computer system “from scratch” in my college dorm room in 1976
  • Harvard School

    Activities: • Learned to write software code in a progressive integrated algebra class • Wrote a high-school textbook on learning to code through developing CAI (computer assisted instruction) applications for math and language tutoring, games and solving algebra problems • Awards: Cume Laude, Governor’s Scholar, Emery Medal, Bank of America Scholar

John Stuppy's Interests & Activities:

Education, health care, technology, international sales & marketing, acquisitions. Movies. Making the world better!